Jaguar’s full-size XJ sedan has long been big on comfort, but it isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “sport sedan,” even in Supercharged form.

Jaguar is looking to correct that with the launch of its 2014 XJR, which promises to serve up equal parts comfort and performance. As we explained in our preview of the newest big cat, the XJR accents the Supercharged model’s 550-horsepower forced-induction V-8 with firmer suspension tuning, aero enhancements and stickier rubber.

Jaguar’s also included sophisticated electronics to ensure that a driver’s enthusiasm doesn’t outweigh his talent. The XJR’s corner recognition system prevents errant mid-corner downshifts, while the adaptive transmission senses when the driver is going about things with more enthusiasm.

Inside, Jaguar’s sport seats blend the expected comfort with some serious lateral support, ensuring that the XJR’s pilot can handle track days as well as he handles a night at the opera. Assuming, that is, that any buyers opt to track a six-figure sedan.

If you’re the type that prefers to be driven to work, and you’ve hired, say, Rubens Barichello to shuttle you to and from work, you’ll be happy to know the the XJR comes in a long-wheelbase version, too. Pricing starts at $116,000 for the standard model, jumping to $119,000 when you opt for the extra legroom of the long-wheelbase version.

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