In December of 2011, a total of 14 luxury cars, including eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a Mercedes-Benz, were involved in pile-up that saw several of the cars destroyed.

The accident happened on a rain-soaked highway near Hiroshima, Japan, with most of the cars involved participating in a weekend cruise.

It was caused when the driver of the lead car, a Ferrari, lost control. The drivers of 12 cars following then failed to stop in time, leading to the expensive pile-up. One car driving on the opposite carriageway was also affected.

According to local news outlets, the damage bill totaled more than $4 million, earning it the title of ‘world's most expensive car crash.’

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries to any of the drivers or their passengers, but ten of the drivers haven’t escaped completely unscathed.

Police in Japan said on Monday they will be laying charges on 10 of the drivers, the Telegraph reports.

Police allege the drivers were either speeding or not paying enough attention, though the final decision will be determined by prosecutors.

In their statements, some of the drivers said they didn't really know the specifications of their cars or just how powerful the acceleration actually was. We’re guessing that defense isn’t going to cut it in court.

The ages of the drivers range from 38 to 61.