At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, design house Bertone stunned the crowds with its futuristic Nuccio concept, named for legendary automotive designer Guiseppe “Nuccio” Bertone.

Billed as an “extreme” mid-engined berlinetta sports car, its radical lines and impractically low design all but ensured the Nuccio would never be more than a design exercise, albeit a functional one, for the artisans at Bertone.

For 2013, Bertone will exhibit another all-new concept, but this year’s model promises to be far less radical and polarizing than last year’s effort. From the dim teaser image seen here, found on World Car Fans, we can tell that Bertone’s latest will wear a four-door body with coupe styling.

There isn’t much else we can tell you about the mid-size concept, but we already admire its understated good looks. We can see influences ranging from Maserati though Audi and even Jaguar in the car’s lines, but somehow it still manages to look fresh.

Like most Bertone concepts, however, this year’s Geneva Motor Show effort will likely never see the inside of a dealer’s showroom. While we’re all-but over the four-door coupe craze, we’d be willing to make an exception for Bertone’s latest bit of automotive art.

We’ll bring you live photos from the Bertone stand as part of our complete 2013 Geneva Motor Show coverage.