Product placement in movies and television shows is a huge business these days, and with the potential rewards for the right pairing, it’s no wonder why. Whether the product is an energy drink, sunglasses or even an automobile, getting exposure to the right audience can result in big sales.

Struggling electric automaker Fisker is hoping that a cameo appearance for its Karma sedan in the upcoming Harrison Ford thriller Paranoia will get the brand recognition, buzz and (ultimately) customers. As USA Today explains, the extended-range electric car is a gift from Ford’s character to a young and ambitious employee, played by Liam Hemsworth.

As in John Grisham’s novel (and film) The Firm, Ford’s new movie (set for release in October of 2013) delivers the message that blind ambition isn’t always a good thing. As Ford explains, the car symbolizes part of Hemsworth’s seduction by power and materialism.

Or, as Ford puts it, “The character Liam plays has the fault of ambition, unbridled ambition," says Ford. "So he is prey to some of the possible rewards that might come his way too easily. The car is part of the process.”

What’s your take? Would a Fisker Karma impress you, or would you rather have a new Porsche 911 Carrera, our pick for the best car to buy? Will product placement (and likely an expensive product placement) in a Harrison Ford movie help Fisker sell Karma sedans?