What's the most fun you can have in a 2013 Subaru BRZ in Great Britain's Yorkshire Dales?

Once you tap the stability control into sport mode, and wait for the always imminent rain to back off its threats, the answer's easy: the Harewood Hillclimb.

A hill climb's just what it sounds like, only with pavement. And here, in the northern English town of Harewood, the front end of this short track resembles an autocross more than anything with real elevation change. You start flat, and roll into a few esses before beginning the long uphill clamber that puts the emphasis on finesse and momentum, and punishes fat, horsepower-heavy brutes.

In use since the 1960s, the Harewood Hillclimb's the longest in Great Britain, and even its record-holding time is still under 50 seconds. Corner workers--members who volunteer on the two weeks a year it's open for events--post times in their 700-horsepower Subaru Impreza WRXs in the high 50-second range, while Formula Fords turn in times just over a minute.

Goodwood Revival Via Subaru BRZ

Goodwood Revival Via Subaru BRZ

On our way to this weekend's Goodwood Revival, we stop for the afternoon with a rack of Subaru BRZs and flog them until the rain stops threatening and gets real on us. Until the tires start to protest a little too much, until the stone barns that narrow to just 12 feet apart down the long back straight start to feel a little too close.

It's not the show-off its WRX cousins might be, but the BRZ happily put its balanced handling on display at Harewood. Have a look for yourself--and forgive the wind noise. Sometimes dead cats fail to show up for work.

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