The NYPD have been accused of taking an impounded car for a joy ride through several New York boroughs, during which time a red light was run and the ticket sent to the car’s owner. The story all began when Rashad Lewis, 25, was arrested on August 3 after police allegedly found forged credit cards in his Mercedes-Benz CL Class.

His car, estimated to be worth around $150k, was initially taken to an impound lot in Harlem. For safety reasons, it was then moved to a more secure lot located in Queens.

It was during this time that a red light was run on 34th Street in lower Manhattan, and a ticket mailed out to Lewis a week later.  

With his car back in his possession, Lewis is now accusing the NYPD of taking the car for a joy ride and causing damage to the vehicle, including a broken rear window, scrapes on the bumpers and a keyed door. However, the NYPD insists Lewis made no complaints upon initially picking up the car.

Lewis has since hired a lawyer, Marvyn Kornberg, who told The New York Post that the NYPD is yet to explain any of the circumstances concerning Lewis’ car. Kornberg has notified the police Internal Affairs Bureau, which issued him a log number for this case.

However, a police spokesperson has told the newspaper that Internal Affairs is not probing the incident, though the red light ticket was dropped.

As for the original arrest, Lewis is due in court on October 13 to face charges of fraud.