If you’re big on Lotus collector cars, here’s one you won’t want to pass up: a 2002 Lotus Esprit V8, rebuilt at the factory in 2010 for then-CEO Dany Bahar.

And by rebuilt, we mean completely rebuilt. According to Lotus Forums (via Evo), the car’s engine and transmission were both completely rebuilt, likely with strengthened internals. The body was repainted in its original pearl white color, while the interior was done over in leather and suede. Being a CEO, after all, has its perks.

The choice bits from the 2003 Final Edition Esprits made their way onto Bahar’s Lotus as well, including OZ wheels; AP Racing four-piston front brake calipers and Brembo rears (an odd combination, if you ask us); an oversized rear wing; unique taillights and an exhaust that exits through the center of the rear fascia.

It’s not clear when Lotus took back the keys, but we’re guessing it was around the same time that Bahar was let go. The one-of-one Esprit has racked up just 36,000 total miles, with a mere 1,000 added since the engine, transmission and interior were redone.

Here’s the tricky part: it sounds like the car will be sold (or auctioned) via Lotus dealers in the United Kingdom. If you want this in your own collection, now is the time to make friends with a few Lotus dealers on the other side of the pond.