We've come to expect the worst from Florida. Weird things just happen there, every day, as if the bizarre and unspeakable were the state's chief export. In fact, that may be the case.

But in the case of this Hertz rental Corvette, flipped on its lid in a watery roadside ditch, there's nothing at all out of the ordinary. Rental cars getting abused? Nothing new there. Rental cars being wrecked? Again, a common occurrence. A rented Corvette ending up turtled in a few feet of water? Well, maybe that's the Florida angle on normal.

It happened this morning, around 5 a.m., at the intersection of Okeechobee Boulevard and Folsom Road, reports the Palm Beach Post via Corvette Blogger. The cause of the crash isn't known at this point, except the Palm Beach County's Sheriff Office making the rather obvious statement that the driver lost control and ended up in the canal.

The car, of course, is totaled. Hope they got the insurance.