Don’t worry, we’re not going to show you Saudi-drifting-dismemberment videos, since they get plenty of coverage on other internet sites. Instead, we bring you this security cam footage from Dudley, England, showing the luckiest man on the planet.

For those of us who’ve raced cars, or racked up significant amounts of track time, wearing a seat belt is second nature. We buckle up each and every time we get behind the wheel, not because we don’t trust our own ability, but because sometimes things go wrong.

In fact, it’s other drivers that we trust less than anything else, because experience tells us to expect the stupid. When things go wrong at high speed (or even at moderate speed), wearing a seat belt is the best way to maximize your chances of walking away from an accident.

We’re not sure what led up to this particular near-rollover crash, from which the driver somehow walked away, but we do know this: had the car continued rolling over, the outcome would have been very different.

It’s also hard to imagine the the driver escaped without any injury, since being hurled violently onto concrete isn’t exactly good for the human body. Had the driver been buckled in, the accident likely would have caused no injuries at all.

Anyway, enough preaching from us. If this video isn’t proof enough of why you need to wear a seat belt each and every time you get in a car, we don’t know what it will take.