If you assume that a V-8 engine or even a lot of horsepower is necessary to do a proper burnout, you’d be incorrect. As this video demonstrates, all you need is a current Ford Focus, a set of cheap (presumably used) tires and a place to let it rip without police or fire department interference.

The video shows the full two-minutes of spinning tire action, before the car (wisely) shuts itself down. We’d guess that it was overheating both the engine and the transmission, and a burnout like this won’t prolong the life of your car any.

In other words, this isn’t a stunt we’d replicate in our own cars, even with throw-away tires. Burnouts are one thing, but burnouts long enough to shut down the engine come at a price we’re not willing to pay. Besides, if you’ve ever seen how much damage an exploding tire can do to a car, you’d be hesitant to try this, too.

The 2012 Ford Focus seen in the video comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 160 horsepower. If that’s enough to produce a burnout of this magnitude, just imagine how quickly the upcoming 252-horsepower Ford Focus ST will shred a set of front tires.