Ford and Rockstar Energy Drink's "Drive Like a Champion" sweepstakes doesn't require driving a Ford like a champion, or drinking Rockstar. Discuss.

Now that it’s confirmed the hot 2013 Ford Focus ST starts under $25,000, there’s only one way to make it even more tantalizing. Handing over the keys for free would do nicely.

You’re in luck, because Ford’s on board. There’s just a small catch worth mentioning: you’ll need to win a contest.

The automaker is partnering with Rockstar Energy Drink for the “Drive Like a Champion” sweepstakes. Grand prize is a choice between the aforementioned Focus ST, a 2013 Ford Mustang GT, or if you prefer hauling in a more literal way, a 2012 Ford F150 with EcoBoost power under the hood.

Before you get all hepped up on energy drinks and hoon around the neighborhood to practice, know that the contest theme is not literal. You’ll only rev up your web browser and head for to check out the official rules and enter.

That’s when you’ll choose between Ford Racing madmen Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan as your virtual wheelmen. After that, narrow down which of the three Fords you want to call your own, type in your contact information and that’s about it until the sweepstakes ends October 15th.

So if you were thinking there would be some kind of virtual race to watch online, sorry.  Still, a few moments of your time now for the chance to win a free Ford this fall makes up for any absence of online glitz.  Prizes for runners-up aren’t all bad, either; a year’s supply of Rockstar Energy Drink (or as a certain editor of ours would call it, enough to get through the weekend) along with other Rockstar gear.

So if you win the grand prize, tell us which Ford you chose, and why.