They say that the little things make all the difference.

If that's the case, then the attention paid to the smallest details is probably why Lexus has the reputation it does for quality and reliability.

As the video above shows, each component of each car is painstakingly inspected throughout production.

That means components are measured, bolts are tightened with digital precision, and shut-lines are measured with digital accuracy.

It's not all robots and computers, though. As makers of hand-built cars will tell you, people make the difference. Though your average Lexus RX or GS isn't hand-built, it's certainly hand-inspected, with engineers ensuring the paint is free of defects and that every car is water-polished for a mirror finish.

Cars are then subjected to hurricane testing and noise readings, to ensure that every seal... well, seals. After that, a quick drive ensures all is well, and then the car is away to the dealership and customer.

It may be expensive and time-consuming, but we expect Lexus buyers are grateful of the attention paid--whether they realize it or not.