Automakers all make claims about what their various systems can do, and why those systems are better than the competition. Saying your system is better is one thing, backing up that claim with facts and true technical comparisons is a whole different thing. On our trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to test out Mercedes-Benz's latest 4Matic system, we had a chance to talk with Mercedes-Benz's Product and Technology Department Manager, Christian Bokich, about the all-wheel drive system.

In the video, Bokich explains how the 4Matic system stacks up against the competition, such as Audi's Quattro System, and how the 4Matic system is lighter, so that it doesn't as seriously impact fuel economy. Bokich is quick to mention that all the systems, including the competitions, are good systems. But he does of course claim that the 4Matic system is overall a better system than the competitors.

We also discussed exporting and Mercedes-Benz's experience with cold climates. We quickly digressed into the history of overseas markets and how 4Matic came to be.

For more information on Mercedes-Benz's 4Matic system, be sure to watch the entire interview with Bokich.