In many ways, the career of shoe-mogul-turned-video-star-and-pro-racer Ken Block resembles something from a David Lynch script. Not many pro drivers get their start in skateboarding, before moving on to snowboarding, motocross and sport shoe marketing, but Block seems to have a taste for the bizarre.

It’s fitting that the latest video starring Block and his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V) is an homage to Lynch’s cult classic television series from the 1990s, Twin Peaks. While the series may be long gone, the sets used in Washington’s Snoqualmie Falls have been put to good use.

The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and lumber mill are now the home of the Dirtfish Rally School, which is the backdrop for this Monster World Rally Team video. Block gets to play with his H.F.H.V. on gravel for the first time, while viewers get treated to highlights of Block’s antics and of various Twin Peaks episodes.

We think we’ve got it all figured out now: Block is really the evil doppelganger of Travis Pastrana, and he won’t do well in World Rally Competition until he meets a one armed giant named Mike. Either that, or Block is really Killer Bob, and he’s the one responsible for Laura Palmer’s demise.