This isn't the first time we've looked at the MINI Connected app, but then the joy of downloadable features is that they can be indefinitely updated.

That's just what MINI has done with the latest version of MINI Connected, endowing it with extra features to ensure greater levels of driving fun than ever before.

In addition to all the social networking features already present in the app, such as updating Twitter or Facebook feeds on the move or music that adapts to your driving, you now have access to more sporting features.

Sports instruments, analysis and more

Your average sports or racing car is festooned with gauges and readings, allowing drivers all the information they might need at a glance.

The updated app gives you just this sort of data, and more.

Condition Check is perhaps the most relevant to normal road use, as it allows you to keep track of your MINI's vital signs - engine temperature, fuel level, status of the optional Sport Button, temperature and weather conditions. Okay, so some of these will already be displayed in your car, but MINI Connected transfers them all onto your central screen.

The Force Meter sounds much more fun. It'll let you indulge those Nissan GT-R - or even Formula One - fantasies on a budget, recording and displaying longitudinal and lateral g-force via a virtual MINI displayed on the screen. Think you're beating one lateral g in that corner on the way to work? Now you can check.

The third update is known as Digital Sports Instruments. Using MINI's familiar typeface from the rest of the interior, coolant temperature, engine output and torque can all be displayed on the center screen. All features are controlled with the MINI's little joystick, steering wheel buttons and on-board monitor.

Just so you don't use all these new features irresponsibly (us? Never...) the iPhone app also comes with a tutorial on skilled, sporty and safe driving.

As ever with MINI Connected, the app works with any MINI equipped with MINI Visual Boost or the MINI navigation system and the MINI Connected option.

The app itself is available now for Apple iPhone users.