We’ve all gotten phone calls that make us want to hurl our phone to the ground, after smashing it with a hammer and stomping on it a few times. The difference between most of us and U.S. Navy sailor Edward Roth is that we (usually) don’t act on those impulses.

Roth was crossing the lot of John Hine Mazda early last Sunday morning when he apparently got some bad news during a phone call. Dealership security cameras captured what happened next, which ultimately involved destruction of the dealership’s collision center offices, 14 new cars and one customer car.

By the time police arrived, Roth had switched from club to rock for his reign of destruction, and was just about to start on a red Mazda MX-5 Miata. Ignoring police orders to drop the rock, Roth was subdued via Taser and taken into custody.

The dealership estimates that some $50,000 in damage was done to the vehicles on the lot, but that doesn’t factor in depreciation since the vehicles, once repaired, can no longer be sold as new cars.

As for Roth, the 22 year old sailor faces burglary and felony vandalism charges in municipal court, and as the local ABC News affiliate points out, will likely face further military charges once the civilian court charges are settled.