If the 2012 Hyundai Veloster wasn't quite funky and youthful enough for you already, then the only thing likely to convince you is cramming it full of the latest games, sounds and technology.

That's exactly what RE:MIX Lab has done with three new Velosters, showing them at the opening of their multi-city festival of art, music, fashion, tech, culture and design.

The Music Veloster

With a 450-watt Dimension Premium Audio System and a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen, the Veloster is already pretty well equipped for music lovers, but RE:MIX has taken it a step - well, several leaps further.

A Fender Stratocaster guitar and VOX stainless amp are the most obvious additions in the matte black interior, and moving to the back reveals a Numark NS6 DJ controller, a Macbook Pro with Serato for recording your musical masterpiece, three JL Audio aps and not one, but two iPads.

The Technology Veloster

The Music Veloster already sounded packed with technology to us, but there's more. The white Technology Veloster includes a 40" Samsung 3D LCD TV (and we've not even got one of those at home...), a 3D Blu-Ray player and 3D camcorder for those road trip diary moments.

The Gaming Veloster

With an Xbox 360 installed in the Veloster, a theme was set for the rest of the car - it's like a games machine on wheels. The car has green and black accents to match the console and Sparco race seats will add to the experience whether driving or at a standstill.

In the back, you'll find a 40-inch TV connected to a 360 and Kinect system, with controllers everywhere you look allowing for 8-player gaming. That's 4 more people than you can fit in the car, so you might want to think about buying another Veloster.

We're sure that all three turn the inexpensive Veloster into rather expensive playthings, but if any inspiration were needed to make your Veloster a little more individual, these three cars certainly do the trick.