With Red Bull securing the F1 World Driver's Championship at the Japanese Grand Prix and the Constructor's Championship at this past weekend's Korean Grand Prix, it's easy to overestimate the dominance of Red Bull. But sometimes winning is a very close affair.

Take, for instance, Vettel's .009-second faster lap in Q3 at Japan to secure the pole. Jenson Button's flyer had looked good enough to keep him at the top of the grid, but at the last moment, Vettel dug in and found just enough--barely keeping his RB27 on track--to edge the McLaren driver out.

The video below shows just how close a .009-second margin is at F1 speeds, as well as offering an excellent comparison of the two laps. It's so close you'd have a hard, if not impossible, time telling who'd run the faster lap if they'd been side-by-side--even if you were straddling the start-finish line. It's also a testament to just how close the racing really can be in F1, despite the huge investments, massive technical challenges, and vagaries of luck and situations seen on race day.