Nurburgring lap times. We love to talk about them, compare them, even flaunt them when our cars pull off crazy-low numbers at the hands of factory drivers. But do they really mean anything?

The SRT team apparently thinks so, going to the lengths of sourcing two of Dodge's out-of-production Vipers to regain the title of fastest production car around the Green Hell, a title recently claimed by the Lexus LFA with a 7:14 lap. SRT was successful, according to the Viper Club of America.

The new benchmark is said to be a smoking 7:12 ("and change") lap courtesy of a Viper ACR. The ACR-X was also there, clocking a 7:03, but of course it's not a production, street-legal car. The 7:12 lap is a full 10 seconds faster than its previous best.

The full details are still being withheld, and Chrysler hasn't made any official announcement, but we'll keep our ears to the ground for more as it develops.

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