Jimmie Johnson, racer and Volt owner.

Jimmie Johnson, racer and Volt owner.

NASCAR driver’s aren’t known for being overly conservative off the racetrack.

Just last week, Kyle Busch lost his North Carolina driver's license for a 128 mph jaunt in a Lexus LFA, and the entire series was built by men who made a living running from police with a car full of moonshine.

While many NASCAR drivers favor fast cars off the track, a growing number of drivers can now be seen about town driving Chevy Volts to get their groceries in.

Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are the latest drivers to jump on the Volt bandwagon, and they join Juan Pablo Montoya, who expressed his love for the extended-range electric car back in May.

To be clear, all three drivers run Chevrolets in the NASCAR Sprint Cup competition, and we’re absolutely sure that the drivers didn’t pay full price for their Volts. Still, there’s some genuine affection for the cars displayed by all three drivers, and we’d be the first to agree that the Volt does have some entertainment value.

We won’t see Chevrolet Volts (or series-hybrid drivetrains) in Sprint Cup competition any time soon, but we know enough to never say never. If NASCAR can weather the transition from carburetors to fuel injection, we suppose anything is possible.

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