Block, Foust, Gittin Jr., Deegan launch Octane Academy

Block, Foust, Gittin Jr., Deegan launch Octane Academy

Want to be a motorsports hero? Think you can hang with some of the best rally, drift, offroad, and gymkhana drivers in the world? Get your video camera out and try out for the Octane Academy.

Four high-profile drivers will put on a four-day driving camp for the people chosen through the video tryout/submission process, including Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Vaugn Gittin Jr., and Brian Deegan. The whole thing is being put on by Ford, which sponsors all of these pro drivers.

Exactly what's supposed to go into your tryout video isn't clear, except for the disclaimer that says you're not supposed to drive in it--so no Jackass-style stunts, or at least none behind the wheel.

The perfect candidate is someone that is "committed, hungry, and ready to take on any challenge," according to Gittin, Jr. The winners that get to go to each camp will be on video the whole time--presumably for some Ford-backed semi-reality TV-show type production.

For the full details and info on how to apply, hit the official contest site at the link below.

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