It's not quite Monster Tajima's breakneck pace, but the Nissan Leaf did make it to the top of the hill without flipping, going off the side, or breaking--things that can't be said for a lot of the fully race-bred cars that tackled Pikes Peak this year.

The 156-turn climb hit a top speed of 72 mph on its way up, and averaged 62-65 according to the driver, Chad Hord. It obviously had to slow down a bit through the turns, but still managed to cross the line with a time of 14 minutes, 33 seconds, an average of 51.2 mph. When it got to the peak, it still had 54 percent of its battery reserve left. Hord says he "pushed it," and we have to agree: He used 46 percent of the Leaf's charge in just 12.42 miles and 9,390 feet of elevation climb.