Made almost exclusively from carbon fiber and built as a demonstration of futuristic yet technically feasible design and materials technology, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was originally nothing but a concept. Strong interest in the car from presumably well-heeled buyers has driven rumors that the car could see production, however, and the hints keep flowing.

Previous reports have pegged the Sesto Elemento's price around $3 million, with potentially as few as 10 to be built. The rumors took on a more concrete feel when the Sesto appeared on a U.S. dealer's order sheet. But still there has been no official confirmation from Lamborghini.

The latest news jibes with what we've seen previously, and adds another 10 cars to the potential production total, bringing it up to 20. Beyond that, there's little new info here--but it's the fact that the talk is still circulating that intrigues us. Now to figure out how to get our hands on $3 million...