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Though rain played a factor Friday, shutting out Nationwide Series qualifying and threatening to do the same for the  Cup cars, weather should be a non-factor for the Southern 500 race this evening.

Only a small chance of rain exists throughout the day, a steady 10 percent from morning until midnight. Temperatures, likewise, are forecast to hold fairly level, dropping from a midday high of 76 just 14 degrees to 62 by midnight.

Once the sun goes down the track will start to cool off, of course, changing the balance of the cars and the grip level of the track. Darlington's resurfacing in 2008 changed its characteristics, though it is aging and breaking in this year according to several of the Cup drivers. How each car and team reacts to the changing surface through the race could play a role in who finishes well and who loses ground.

For the fans in the 63,000-person capacity stands, however, it should be a very nice evening, and a break from the rain and storms of Friday, which are expected to return on Sunday.