Concept cars as dashing as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class are often little more than design bucks, built to give the flavor of future styles, without any intent for production. The A-Class is going to production, however (albeit in much more production-spec clothing), with an AMG variant even planned. This video gives us a look at the concept with an eye toward what to expect when it arrives in street trim.

Putting the A-Class in its European context, John Voelcker highlights the car's best features, and looks at some of the potential variants that may be built on the new A-Class platform. Like John, we wish the car were a driving car, not just a mockup with no interior. We could see another, much more production-ready, concept this fall, however, and the new A-Class is due to arrive late in 2012, so either way, the wait won't be too bad.