One of the little joys in owning an Aston Martin - and we're guessing there are many - is the little crystal key you get to start the car. Sure, it has an enormously pretentious name, the "Emotion Control Unit", but the little glass sculpture is a pretty cool way to start your car. We bet it looks good in the key bowl at a swingers' party too.

Just in case you need a quick excuse to leave with your own partner though, taking an unexpected phone call on the Aston Martin Concept Phone by Mobiado would fit the bill perfectly.

Currently on display at Swiss watch and jewellery show BaselWorld, the CPT002 Aston Martin phone isn't yet a production model, but that doesn't stop us wanting one.

Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 Phone

Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 Phone

Constructed from a solid piece of transparent sapphire crystal and flanked by two strips of platinum, the CPT002 makes even Apple's iPhone look a bit shoddy. All the phone's electronics are built into the sides, including the battery and SIM card. It runs on Android, and like the iPhone uses a sensitive capacitive touch screen.

It even steals a little thunder from the Emotion Control Unit. Although you can't start your Aston Martin with it, you can lock and unlock the doors with the phone and use it to interact with the satellite navigation system or wirelessly connect the vehicle with social networking sites.

Although the CPT002 isn't yet earmarked for production, Mobiado can still offer you a wide range of other hugely expensive but very flash mobile phones for the discerning telephone user.