We don't run a lot of drag racing material here, but when we do, you know it's special. This is special.

Kevin Fiscus has had a killer few days at South Georgia Motorsports Park, running his drag-radial-equipped turbo Mustang successively quicker in each session, trimming his times down to the 4.33-second, 180-mph 1/8th mile pass you see below. That's a new record for a drag radial car. And it's damned impressive, too.

What you may not notice immediately, unless you're a dedicated straight-line fiend, is that unlike almost every other turbo drag car, Fiscus' car doesn't spool up its turbines at the line. Instead it spools after launch. As a result, the car doesn't look like it gets away all that quickly. But it sure takes off once it's rolling.

Sadly, there's no sound on the actual 4.33-second run, but the car is just too meaty at full song to not hear at least once, so we've added a second video showing a 4.38 at 179 mph for flavor.

Thanks to Frank L. for the tip!