Bugatti Veyron curbs wheel while parking

Bugatti Veyron curbs wheel while parking

In fairness to the driver of this Bugatti Veyron, visibility in a supercar tends to be very poor but that still doesn’t negate the lack of skill presented here in this latest video.

While attempting to do a simple parallel park, albeit with quite of lot of cars and pedestrians loitering, the driver first manages to mount the curb with hits multimillion dollar supercar and then proceeds to scrape his wheels along it during additional attempts to park.

We’re sure the driver won’t be too concerned considering Bugatti recommends Veyron owners change their car’s wheels every three tire changes, a service that will set them back a cool $60,000 alone. We think the crushed ego would probably be worth more to the driver in this case.

This whole incident, by the way, reminds us of another hopeless driver who took a brand new Veyron out for a test drive and reversed into a passing car while reversing out of the dealership’s driveway. Click here to watch the previous video.

Thanks to Michael for the tip!