2010 Cobra Jet Mustang

2010 Cobra Jet Mustang

It seems like there is a factory Mustang for everyone these days. There's the V-6 version for those who want a lot of power without high insurance premiums and high fuel-economy penalties, the GT for those who want V-8 power, the Shelby GT500 for those who want even more power, and the upcoming Boss, for those who want a track car. And now, Ford is readying a Mustang specifically for drag-strip duty.

The 2012 Cobra Jet will be available directly from the Ford Racing catalog and it is purpose-built to compete in the NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing classes. The Cobra Jet is essentially a race-ready drag-strip car straight off the showroom floor.

The 2010 Cobra Jet had fully race-prepped transmissions (a choice of manual or automatic), drag-racing specific shocks and springs, manual steering, manual brakes, and a certified roll cage.

For 2012, the list includes a 5.4-liter supercharged engine with an aluminum block and Manley H-Beam rods, black anodized wheels from Weld Racing, upgraded brakes, and a revised rear-suspension setup that includes revised spring rates. An available Whipple supercharger will help propel the car to an eight-second ET.

The full list of specs is on the next page.

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Newly Available for 2012 Model Year:

  • Revised 5.4L supercharged engine – different specifications/rating than 2008/2010 model
  • Aluminum engine block
  • Double keyed crankshaft snout
  • Manley H-beam rods
  • Improved low-drag racing brakes – Strange Engineering
  • Improved rear suspension w/revised rear upper control arm and lower control arm mounts
  • Revised and optimized spring rates front and rear
  • New design black anodized Cobra Jet wheels – Weld Racing
  • Goodyear tires – all new DR compound – Cobra Jet branded
  • Brake pedal 2-step switch (micro)
  • Optional colors – Race Red, Grabber Blue, and Winner White – no additional charge


  • 430hp 5.4L DOHC supercharged engine (aluminum block)
  • 2.3L TVS Supercharger with twin 65mm dual bore throttle body
  • 3-Speed C4 Auto Race Transmission – Joel’s on Joy
  • 9″ rear axle w/4.29:1 Axle Ratio – Strange Engineering


  • NHRA Stock Eliminator legal interior
  • 8.50et NHRA certified roll cage
  • Estimated weight of 3,200 lbs
  • Cobra Jet trim and appearance package
  • Drag race wheel/tire combination (Rear Tire 30.0 x 9.0)
  • Cobra Jet spring/adjustable damper tuning
  • Light-weight, low-drag brakes (manual)


  • Red (M-FR500-CJ12R)
  • Grabber Blue (M-FR500-CJ12B)
  • Winner White (M-FR500-CJ12W)

Optional Graphics Package:

  • MSRP: $1,995.00
  • Includes: Powered-By-Ford fender emblems, Sweeping Snake side graphics, 5.4 Cobra Jet hood graphics, Ford Racing windshield header decal, Ford oval front fascia decals, Ford oval license plate decal, FR500CJ decklid decal.
  • Optional graphics may be unique to Cobra Jet body color.

Optional 4.0L Supercharger upgrade – M-6066-SCJ:

  • MSRP: $9,995.00
  • Step up to the most powerful combination in NHRA Super Stock. The 500hp 4.0L supercharged 2010 Cobra Jet has delivered mid-8 et’s, Class champions, divisional race winners and national records all in its first year on track!
  • Ford Racing offers their exclusive upgrade kit to the base 2012 Cobra Jet for the racer looking to perform at the highest levels of NHRA Super Stock Competition.
  • Kit includes supercharger, billet throttle-body, complete inlet system with 140mm billet mass-air housing, installation instructions, and exclusive Ford Racing race-ready calibration.
  • Final horsepower rating TBD, rating will differ from 500hp 2010 model.
  • 4.0L Supercharger upgrade is delivered separately and must be installed by the end user.