For the driving simulator fan, the Need for Speed series holds a certain nostalgia as one of the first really fun and engaging car games. For the past 16 years the franchise has expanded on that theme, evolving to a level of realistic graphics and fun-focused gameplay that everyone can get on board with.

The latest series in the title sees the return of the Hot Pursuit game mode, where the mission is to outrun the law. Unfortunately, your task isn’t made it easy because despite having an assortment of supercars to select from, you will be up against everything from police using Lamborghini Murcielagos to helicopters.

As this latest trailer shows, even with a car like the Pagani Zonda, outrunning the cops is no small feat. As for the game itself, all we can say is wow. And, unlike Gran Turismo 5, this one’s in stores now.

[Electronic Arts]