Ever thought the Aston Martin Rapide was just not luxurious enough? No? We thought so, but apparently there are select clientele out there for whom the regular four-door coupe from Gaydon is just not special enough.

In response, Aston Martin has released a new and exclusive derivative of the Rapide, the new Rapide Luxe model. The new trim essentially adds more functional features, a greater choice of paint and leather finishes as standard, and special bespoke accessories.

Some of the extras include the additional paint choices of Quantum Silver and Concours Blue, a custom leather luggage set designed to match the color of the car’s interior trim, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system to silence even the most annoying of backseat drivers and screaming children. There’s also special switchgear and keyfobs made from glass.

Aston Martin is yet to release availability and pricing details for its new Rapide Luxe but you can bet that it will be a substantial hike over the $197,850 starting price of the regular model.

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