The Vertigo.5 is a retro-styled supercar built by Belgian firm Gillet and in its current form has been on the market for a little over three years. For anyone not familiar with the dramatically styled Vertigo.5, it is a race car built for the street by Belgian racing driver Tony Gillet and is actually the fifth version in the Vertigo series, which dates back to 1994.

Today we have details of a special edition model dubbed the “Spirit”, which is set to go on sale in Europe later this month.  

While the current Vertigo.5 makes do with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine based on an Alfa Romeo design, the new Vertigo.5 Spirit picks up a 4.2-liter Maserati engine complete with dry sump lubrication and an available 420 horsepower. All of which means the V-8 powered Vertigo.5 Spirit should easily eclipse the 3.26 second 0-60 mph time of the previous model.  

The reason for the blistering acceleration time is not outright power alone but because of extreme weight saving measures as well. The Vertigo features a full carbon fiber honeycomb chassis that weighs only 130 pounds (the entire vehicle has a curb weight of just under 2,200 pounds) and its aerodynamic package has undergone almost 20 years of fine tuning on the race track.

Other details include a new front suspension design with two superposed wishbones, push-rod with shock-absorbers and springs, as well as four-piston brake calipers specially developed by AP Racing.