Last time we saw Snoop Dogg, he was introducing Larry King to his very mellow, very yellow 1967 Pontiac Parisienne convertible. But as many people know -- and many more should -- yellow is a tricky color to pull off, so for his wife's 35th birthday party, Snoop played it safe: he changed the color scheme to white and the vintage to 1920s.

And we say white, we mean dazzling, pristine white: clothes, cars, everything. That gave snoop license to whip out his winter white rabbit fur, and also the opportunity to rent out a fleet of sparkling 1927 Packards to move the party around.

Sadly, we weren't allowed up in the clerb or in the cars, so we have no idea what kind of shizzle was going down with the Dizzle and his entourizzle. But from the video over at TMZ, it appears that fun was had by all. Let's just hope that, unlike the 1920s, it didn't all end with a crash.