Hyundai's front-drive sporty 40-mpg wundercar is having a hard time making it to production. First tipped to make its production debut in Paris this year, it didn't make the show. Then it was expected at Los Angeles, and Hyundai said that wouldn't happen either. Now it looks like it might not even make its November, 2011 launch in its home market.

The new target date? January 2011. That means it's a candidate for the Detroit Auto Show, particularly if production in Korea actually gets going in December, as the new reports indicate.

Accoding to the report, the official reason for the delay is to stagger the Veloster's launch with the Korean launches of the Accent and Azera, due in November and December, respectively.

Whenever the Veloster finally arrives it will be packing a 1.6-liter four-cylinder rated at 140 horsepower. That should be enough to deliver some punch, while still sipping at the rate of 40 mpg. Those who want a little more kick may get a dual-clutch-optional, 200-horsepower version as well, though that hasn't been confirmed.