This may be the only lap ever run at the F1 circuit planned for Austin, TX. Planning and progress have been kept very secret, and some have expressed doubt that it's even possible to finish the facility in time to get on the 2012 calendar. Others think it's a sure thing. We're undecided, but after seeing the layout and the (very) rough lap, we're hopeful.

Almost like something out of Tron, a near-motionless F1-esque model slides along a two-dimensional grey ribbon hung weightlessly against an infinite black backdrop. We don't get much in the way of an in-cockpit view, so there's no way to get a real feel for the track, but there is a taste of the elevation changes planned.

Much of the final design of the Tilke-drawn circuit is still a work in progress, however, as is the entire race organization and promotion operation.