Over the eight days from September 24-October 2, Team High Gear Media will be driving a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, all but living out of it as we compete our way across the country. We'll be traversing 3,500 miles of the American heartland, from Henderson, Nevada to Galena, Illinois, and we won't be taking a direct route. In fact, due to the nature of the competition, we don't even know the exact route we'll be taking, so here's the 10,000-foot overview, with all the main attractions.

We'll kick off the event in style, with a VIP party the evening before the rally begins at the Loewe's resort in Henderson before heading out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway the morning of September 24. There, we'll face an autocross and two road course competitions. After the day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we'll return to Henderson for the official kickoff party.

The next morning we drive to Williams, Arizona and on the way we'll face our first mission. We have no idea what it will entail. Sunday morning, September 26, we leave Williams for Gallup, New Mexico with another gameplay element along the way. At this point we'll be three days in and have covered who knows how many miles--the direct route is about 425 miles, but we'll likely be taking plenty of detours and backroads for our missions.

Monday the 27th we leave Gallup and put the hammer down for Lubbock, Texas. On the way we'll get our third mission to complete.The next morning is an early one, as we'll have to make it to Dodge City, Kansas in time for an afternoon track session--and we have to complete a mission on the way. The next morning we head back out to the track at Dodge City for another quick competition and hit the road for Topeka.

Our destination in Topeka is Heartland Park, where we'll take to the road course yet again. Once again, we'll face more gameplay on the road between Dodge City and Topeka. That night, our third team member will arrive and I'll depart the next morning as Joel and Tim carry the Camaro torch forward on the Fireball Run.

From Topeka the next stop is Chesterfield, Missouri with gameplay along the way, and the same again the next day en route to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. From Cedar Rapids the next stop is the end of the run, Galena, Illinois, with more gameplay along the way, capping the event off with some passes down the dragstrip at Cordova Dragway Park before the closing ceremonies.

For the full route with a detailed agenda including times, dates, and locations of all the welcoming parties, green flags, and more, visit the official Fireball Run route page.