F1 races, particularly as televised in the U.S., are notorious for their locked-down video content, with the FIA selecting just what we do and don't get to see. So the chance to go on-board with Fernando Alonso and the 2010-spec Ferrari F10 not with a roll hoop-mounted cam but a helmet cam is a choice opportunity.

The video shows Alonso and Ferrari sneaking through a loophole in the testing rules prior to last weekend's European GP. The loophole allows cars to be driven for "promotional purposes." But more importantly, the video gives a much better idea of the forces the driver undergoes in an F1 car my showing how Alonso moves his head in response to the car's acceleration, deceleration, and direction changes.

As for lap time, by our highly unofficial YouTube video timer count, the F10 piloted by Alonso gets around the circuit in just under a minute--almost exactly the same time as posted by the 2008 Ferrari F1 car, and about 25 seconds quicker than Ferrari's quickest production cars.

Check out the video, then let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Ferrari via YouTube]