A few years back there was a flood of news about MG planning a raft of new models together with its Chinese parent company Shanghai Automotive (SAIC). However, since the release of the rejuvenated TF LE500 roadster, MG has largely fell off the radar.

We now have some breaking news on MG, with reports coming out of the UK claiming MG is working on a replacement of the TF LE500. Details are sparse but a brand new platform with a front-engine layout is expected to be used rather than the mid-engine design of the current model.

The reason for the switch is cost factors and increased flexibility of a simpler front-engine platform. The new model will still be a strict two-seater but its engines will be all-new as well. Expect to see a basic four-cylinder unit plus a GM-sourced turbodiesel, a high-performance V-6 and possibly even a gasoline-electric hybrid. The hybrid drivetrain will be based on the same system SAIC uses for its Roewe 750 hybrid sedan.

Expect the new roadster to make its debut somewhere around 2013. The TF LE500 replacement isn’t the only new MG in the works. According to a previous report there may also be a new compact sedan and hatchback launched as well.