The love of speed and the freedom of travel isn't strictly limited to us four-wheeled fiends. And we're not ashamed to admit we'd like to go in a direction no car can for long--up. That's where the Martin Jetpack comes in, and the Total Experience offers a lower-cost entry into the world of Tony Stark at just $10,690.

OK, so $10,690 isn't "just" a little pocket change, but it's a heap cheaper than the full $86,000-plus retail price of a Martin Jetpack. For those that'd like to try the experience without committing to full ownership, you can now rent one--provided you can get to New Zealand.

The Total Experience offers the ride to anyone with the rental fee and who meets a few other restrictions: you must weigh under 188 pounds, be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid driver's license. Sadly, your humble writer only meets two of the four requirements. Press trips and keyboard jockeying aren't good for the waistline or the pocketbook.

But for those of you with the scratch and the fitness, the opportunity to fly like an eagle doesn't have to wait for time to slip into the future.

And for those that'd like to own their own jetpack, Martin announced just a few weeks ago that they've started a new joint venture for production and retail sale of the wicked little device. They hope to ramp up to an annual production of 500 units over the next three years, so availability will be limited.

Check out the official site for more on the Martin Jetpack, or head over to the Total Experience for the rental details.

[via Gizmag]