Yes, that appears to be motoring around in his 2007 Bentley Continental GT Limited Edition, in the photo linked below. There are pros and cons here.

1) Pro: the Continental is a beautiful piece of machinery.

2) Con: the Continental gets terrible gas mileage.

3) Pro: is wealthy enough to fill up the tank every 12 miles or so without batting an eye.

4) Con: the guy was spotted en-route to a "star-studded" re-recording of "We Are The World".

5) Pro: funds raised from the song will go to the Haitian relief efforts.

6) Con: um, hello, it's a remake of one of the worst songs ever?

7) Pro: Babs was there.

8) Con: Vince Vaughn was (inexplicably) there.

9) Pro: Celine Dion was there, which is only a pro because it might've led to a catfight with Babs, which may someday be viewable as a shoddy cellphone video clip posted to YouTube.

Hmmm. Pros win. Who'd have thunk?



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