We wish we could get excited about Scott Brown*. Yes, his victory was historic. Yes it will mean interesting things in Washington. But for the love of Benji, did the man have to whip out a pickup truck to prove that he's a red-blooded American? Snore.

Now, look: we have nothing against pickup trucks. In fact, some of us prefer them to cars and SUVs (even though we're constantly being asked to help people move, and as much as we love telling people "no", you can have too much of a good thing).

However, this idea that people who drive trucks are automatically populist and patriotic is patently ludicrous. You want an historic victory at the polls? Roll up in a freakin' Toyota Yaris. If you can still convince people that you're a regular, hard-working, blue-collar American guy (or gal) with 2.5 kids and $10,000 or more in credit card debt, then you've got our respect. Showing up in a 2005 GMC Canyon? That's the easy route.

But maybe we're cranky because our coffee pot is on the fritz. Tim Healy has a more fair and balanced take on things at All Pickup Trucks.

* For those wondering if Scott Brown qualifies as a celebrity: he does this week.


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