On Sunday night, Chrysler's edgy brand manager, Olivier Francois, handed over seven "eco style" Chrysler 300s to the organizers of the Golden Globe Awards. Six were used to schlep special celebs like Meryl Streep (totally VIP), Christina Aguilera (sure, okay), and Felicity Huffman (hmmm). The seventh was parked on the red carpet, where celebs off the A- through F-list were asked to sign it. At some point in the very near future, the be-Hancocked 300 will be auctioned off, with proceeds to benefit the Red Cross' recovery efforts in Haiti. The other six will also hit the auction block, with funds going to charities of the celebs' choosing. (If you'd like to make a contribution yourself, use our Red Cross banner above, or just click here.)

It would be easy to look at Chrysler's high-profile donation with a jaundiced, cynical eye, but Francois was quick to point out that "This will not be the only funding we will provide to [Haiti] on behalf of the Chrysler Brand and Chrysler Group LLC, there is more to come." Which is nice, because (a) we love to see execs speak of corporate responsibility and (b) between Francois and Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler finally has a couple of staffers who can form complete sentences -- smart ones, even. Need we mention that neither was born speaking English?

Of course, what Maggie Gyllenhaal has to do with any of this is entirely beyond us. Like, apart from Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (French title: Nanny McPhee et le Big Bang), what's the girl been doing lately? Remember Secretary? Or Donnie Darko? And then...bupkis. Oh well: might as well mention her while we've got the chance.

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