While Land Rovers can still be seen in the muddy fields and horse paddocks of Great Britain, in the U.S. they tend to be found mostly in tonier suburban precincts.

Though they may have started from humble "British Jeep" roots, these days Land Rovers are far more likely to carry young Justin and Jennifer to soccer practice than to claw their way up dirt tracks--despite the sophisticated Terrain Control system to control their standard all-wheel-drive.

Which is why we felt this photo of a Land-Rover LR3 with genuine mud on its flanks and backside was worthy of mention.

Snapped on the New York State Thruway (aka Interstate) somewhere in the Catskill Mountains, it stands as mute proof that some Landie owners do use the capabilities their trucks were endowed with.

Not to mention that this LR3 passed our photographer's car doing at least 85 miles per hour, rather more than the legal speed limit. Cheers, old boy.