Virtually the whole auto-journalist demimonde is waiting for a chance to drive the Fisker Karma.

And ultimately, we knew we'd be second or third down the VIP list--possibly after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who did not broker the Fisker purchase of an old GM plant in Delaware, and maybe after Nobel laureate/Oscar winner/Fisker investor, former V.P. Al Gore. We're cool with that, despite the latter's nutso predictions on that and other topics.

But now we're starting to lose the love. Fisker's handed over the keyfob to the Karma, and the first dude to drive the Karma will actually be a First Dude, and not an "objective" journalist. The dude in question is in the picture above. You're forgiven if you don't know who he is--he's just the Crown Prince of Denmark, HRH Frederik. He's the first person to drive the Karma, other than Karma engineers. And he'll be piloting the Karma around his fair capital while the world tries to hammer out an agreement on carbon dioxide emissions without arresting too many protestors.

Frankly, it's too easy to cast this another loss for the Obama administration. Not only is our President left leaving Copenhagen yet again without the big prize--first the 2016 Olympics, now this?!--but Frederik is actually better put together in his rakish scarf and youthful pret-a-porter pea coat. Even in off the rack gear, he's making our Commander in Chief look like a fashion victim of the Men's Wearhouse.

Fisker promises drives for all in the coming year, so stay tuned. We'll bring you the road-test reals as soon as we get our hands on the Karma's 50-mile electric range and Chevy Volt-like four-cylinder range-extender engine. For now, if you'll allow the pun, it's the Karma that's making us its bitch.