Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

Before people start firing off nasty emails and TPing our ligustrum (it's just a poor, defenseless shrub fer chrissakes), let's get one thing clear: we like Ewan McGregor. Seriously: Trainspotting? Brilliant. Velvet Goldmine? Defined a generation. The Phantom Menace? Well, we don't mention The Phantom Menace in polite conversation, but still, generally speaking, McGregor's work is fanfreakingtastic. What's more, he seems genuinely nice, a good hubby/father, and not especially eager for attention -- the sort of down-to-earth celeb you'd want to take out for drinks. And the kind of guy who doesn't mind when someone takes the piss out of him, so long as it's all in good fun.

All clear? Everyone on the same page? Great.

So here's the question that crossed our minds after stumbling across this shot of Mr. McGregor loading his family into a VW Bus last Sunday in Brentwood, California: WTF? (Yes, that was the whole question. Our vocabulary's pretty limited.)

Look, Ewan, we get it: you're an individualist, you're anti-flash, you're European, you're a family man. You may hang with the likes of Nicole Kidman and George Clooney, but when you roll, you do it on your own terms. Understood. But do you have to go the whole vintage VW Bus route? Have you ever thought of the children? Don't you think they get tired of explaining those plaid curtains to their friends every time they're dropped off at school? Don't you think they'd enjoy something in the Touareg family? Or perhaps a ride from Mercedes-Benz's spiffy but understated GL-class? Hell, we're not fans of the bling-blingitty Cadillac Escalade/Nissan Armada aesthetic either -- not by a looooong shot -- but we don't feel the need to go totally granola to compensate.

On the other hand, if you did that restoration all by your lonesome, nice job. There's a Gremlin in the parking lot that could use some of that TLC, if you've got it to spare.