Brad Pitt is okay--let us repeat, Brad Pitt is okay--after a weekend incident in which he laid down his motorcycle.

Before you elderladies get excited by the notion of Pitt laying down anything other than his lovely disturbed wife, know that the paparazzi were chasing him down when he skidded between some parked cars. The future Mayor of New Orleans/Nobel Peace Prize laureate had to call in buddies to truck away the bike--and to bring him his 2010 Chevy Camaro so he could roll home.

Shown here showing up for work on time on Monday--take note, Linds--the 45-year-old actor and father of his very own Benetton ad doesn't look much the worse for wear. We do take issue with the graying barbiche, but he's savvy. Maybe he's trying to land the lead in a Captain Lou Albano biopic?

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