Toni Collette

Toni Collette

Toni? Toni Collette, is that you? We're pretty sure it is. And we.... Well, we just have to say that we're concerned.

Now, on the one hand, this photo could've been taken on a set. You could be filming an episode of United States of Tara, which centers around your character's multiple-personality disorder. So in this scene, maybe one of the voices in your head is Joni Mitchell. Or that tapestry lady -- what was her name? -- Carole King. Or possibly Pamela Des Barres. Something 70s.

Alternately, you could be hanging out on the back of a Volkswagen Beetle in a maxi dress, knee-high boots, and rose-colored glasses, snapping your fingers in time to Procol Harum and sipping a Tab because you're Toni freaking Collette. You're an Academy Award-nominee. You had fake sex on camera with real Ewan McGregor. You can do anything you damn well please.

Or you could just be crazy. Maybe something in that pretty head of yours snapped. Maybe we'll wake up one morning to find you gnawing through a wood pile, like other stars we could name. But let's hope not.