Ford's Australian-based performance division, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) recently showed off its new F6 E concept - a high-powered, rear-wheel drive muscle car aimed at executive who likes luxurious surrounds while creating plumes of smoke with the rear tires. Today, FPV finally launched the production version of the concept for sale Down Under.

While the wisdom of a new, expensive executive muscle-car may be questionable, what is certain is that the F6 E will be no slouch on the street - powered by a 4.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engine, the F6 E will be producing a final power output of 415hp and torque as high as 417lb-ft--V8 territory. Mated to a six-speed automatic from ZF, the car even features massive Brembo brakes to bring it into line when needed.

On the outside, FPV designers have taken action to give the F6 E a more executive feel than its F6 sibling - that means no loud colors, or massive rear wings, but rather a more subtle approach to ensure its driver can keep a low profile if desired. Inside, this theme is continued with a sports leather steering wheel and memory adjustable pedals with alloy pedal controls to give the car the feel of an executive vehicle but with sporty undercurrents.

Although there is a large amount of performance and equipment offered with the car, it certainly won't be coming cheap for potential customers. FPV has given a list price of close to AUD$80,000 ($67,000), which puts it on par with certain vehicles from GM Holden's HSV division but still represents a significant mark up from other Blue Oval models.