With the current recession making it difficult to sell exorbitant luxury items, some businesses have resorted to big incentive programs and discounts to move their products. However, we doubt many are trying to attract customers with the offer of a free Bentley with their purchase as Pearl Motor Yachts is currently doing.

Pearl Motor Yachts, a British company, is partnering up with luxury British automaker Bentley with a special deal for customers buying its flagship Pearl 60 yacht. Every buyer will get a free Bentley Continental GT Coupe.

The matching of the two brands makes sense as they are both British luxury brands that offer their customers well-crafted and high priced vehicles. Pearl Motor Yachts managing director Ian Smallridge revealed during a recent interview with Boating Business that many of his customers are already "huge fans" of Bentley so it was an obvious choice to team up with the automaker.

The deal will only be in place until the 20th of September, and because of the bespoke and customizable options on the 60 yacht it is difficult to narrow down an exact price - although the company is currently building a 60 yacht that will set customers back almost £900,000 ($1.48 million).