For Maserati/Ferrari aficionados, the Wynn exhibit in Vegas is a must--plus; it's a great way to stay out of trouble in gambling Las Vegas were gambling seems to be the most anyone can do....

The price to get in is $10.00, but it's well worth it considering the people you meet.  People like you who love cars and don't mind getting a good talk on the subject. 

Ferraris galore is what youll find in the exhibit. There are also a couple of Masers in the showroom as well (Ferrari owns Maserati so it's expected to see Maseratis alongside their more iconic and expensive siblings).  The price is also listed next to the vehicles.  Being a high end casino, you can always expect to see a few high rollers hanging around the Wynn, so its unlikely for most anyone at the Wynn or Encore hotels to suffer from sticker shock.

The two Maseratis are gorgeous.  They have both Quattroporte models, the base one; and the more expensive Quattroporte model--both exceptionally nice looking vehicles.  They also have the Maserati Coupe on display. All vehicles are for sale, so its likely you'll see a well off individual there looking to purchasing either a Ferrari or Maserati.

The Ferraris are too many to be mentioned...they have the latest Ferrari America model on display for over $300,000.  The showroom has two floors, and the lower level has racing vehicles on display.

This exhibit is a must for any car buff staying in Las Vegas